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Shoulder & Hip Yoga Therapy Workshop Bundle w/ Dr. Fishman

Products Included in Bundle: 

Shoulder Health & Yoga for the Rotator Cuff Workshop 

The rotator cuff syndrome is one of the most common maladies of the upper extremities.  It is painful, disabling, and often leads people to a surgery which requires 3 months for a 75% recovery, and is quite painful and disabling in itself.  Dr. Fishman has found, tested, and peer-review published a simple yoga treatment that relieves the pain and enables full use of the arm within, believe it or not, a few minutes.  It has been effective with 90% of 1800 patients to date, and has an NIH grant to further explore it.  In this workshop you will learn the treatment, and how to distinguish rotator cuff syndrome from other shoulder conditions.   


Hip Health & Yoga for Piriformis Syndrome Workshop

The piriformis muscle may entrap the sciatic nerve in the buttock, imitating spinal conditions.  Nevertheless, the actual pathology is significantly lower down, in the buttock.  More than a decade ago Dr. Fishman invented a definitive test for piriformis syndrome, and has seen more than 17,000 (yes thousand) patients who think they have it – about half of them do.  The yoga treatment for it is excellent, but the big problem is identifying piriformis syndrome amid all the other problems in the hip that may mimic it: in this workshop you’ll learn how to recognize it, and treat it, as well as getting familiar with the other possible causes of the same symptoms.